Remote Programming

I am currently a Tier 3+ personal trainer, as well as a Master Instructor at Equinox Sports Club in Washington, DC. If you're an Equinox member and want to train with me, please reach out! I'm happy to meet with you and get you on the schedule! If you're not in DC or not a member of Equinox, I'm happy to provide remote coaching for those that are moderately comfortable in a gym environment. I also offer limited in-person training within DC city limits at $120/hour.

I'll send you a form to complete that will help give me an idea of your current fitness level and goals. From there, we'll have a 60 minute meeting/phone call to dig a little bit deeper into exactly what you're hoping to get out of this experience!

After our discussion, you will receive 4 weeks of programming at a time via GoogleDrive, with a re-evaluation at the end of each 4 week period. This will help to form your next weeks of programming. I'll also be available via email so you can send pictures and videos where I can check your form/technique and answer any questions you might have.

**Training will be performed over email, social media, and phone only.