I love taste tests. Period. I think my fascination with them began back in my Frankfurt days, when I thought it'd be fun to have all of my roommates participate in a "chocolate hazelnut spread" taste test, since there were a solid 5 that I could easily choose from. Since then, I've done various fruit comparisons (aka which of these million types of apples from the farmers market tastes best?), a white fish taste test, and even cool whip (yes, the frozen hydrogenated unknown substance. Don't judge!).

A few weeks ago I saw Trader Joe's Gluten Free pretzels...which seemed enticing...but...I'll keep my comments to myself. I did, however, feel that maybe it was time for my next taste test! So I hit Whole Foods and Trader Joe's to collect all of the gluten free pretzels that I could find...and brought them in to Equinox to get some opinions in a blind taste test. 

The contenders?
Snyders GF Pretzel Twists,
Glutino GF Pretzel Sticks, and
TJ GF Pretzel Twists

With 35 opinions involved...here are the results:

Snyders - 7
Glutino - 23
Trader Joes - 4
"T is Weird" - 1 (Thanks Ilona! lol)

Random feedback included the fact that Snyders had the most "real" pretzel taste. Some didn't like the high salt content though. Glutino has great crunch and good flavor. And Trader Joe's has an interesting flavor, and no salt. I think I'd enjoy TJ option if they didn't market it as a pretzel...because it doesn't taste like one :( Anyhoo...go try some yourself! Maybe you'll find even more contenders!