This blog post is coming out of my residual thought processes after numerous conversations with both fitness and wellness clients alike. My takeaway from many of these conversations is that it really seems that the bulk of the population hasn't quite taken the time to do some solid introspection and ask themselves exactly why they're doing what they're doing. The purpose of this blog is two-fold: 

1 - to help me organize thoughts on how to best communicate what's going on
2 - to address a situation that, with some thought, can hopefully be alleviated

Some of the principles in my thought process come from my eating psychology training. Other principles are just out of curiosity on the subject that are in the formation process themselves. 

Hiring a Trainer to Lose Weight

You've been really stressing this 15lb weight loss that you so badly want to happen. What I want you to think about is...what are you gaining from losing that weight? How will it impact your quality of life? What are you wanting this weight loss for? As in, the deeply rooted reason, outside the obvious change in size. Does it equate to more confidence in everyday life? Is it to please someone in your life, present or future? Everyone has a more deeply rooted motivation for things they desire. 

You might not have given this some serious take some time and do so. Tell someone else, whether it's your trainer, parent, sibling, or good friend...the act of verbalizing it will serve as a huge realization, you'll be able to release a giant weight that's been fabricating in you for years, and expressing yourself will provide you a great starting point in understanding your authentic self a bit more. You might find that unveiling it gives you the personal motivation to get there! 

Doing this will pay off tenfold compared to walking into the gym and asking for the best trainer on staff, in hopes that they can get your weight off for you. Yes, a solid trainer can motivate you, teach you how to move, and educate you on how to best structure your fitness. need to take responsibility for your own journey rather than deflecting it - with a hefty payment - over to the hot guy in the s'medium shirt. Truth is...even if you can afford to work out with your trainer 7 days a's only 4% of your week! The other 96% is going to be so much more impactful in either a positive OR negative take it where you want it to go!

What's Your Lifestyle?

Think about the lifestyle that makes you most happy. I find that oftentimes people come to the gym with the idea that spending some time at the gym is going to get them looking like people in the fitness magazines, Equinox ads, etc. Unfortunately (or fortunately - lol), those people don't live the typical American lifestyle. They're often not found at happy hours, because they're spending time lifting weights, and have found social circles that are more in-line with their interests. They rarely go out drinking, because they're probably sleeping, reading up on new fitness/wellness stuff, or meal prepping. Not to say they don't go out and enjoy entertainment around town...but when they go to baseball games they either eat beforehand and maybe have one beer there, or they spend the time figuring out what the healthiest options is at the stadium, because they don't want to compromise their goals because they enjoy going to sporting events.

I'm not saying one lifestyle is better than the other...I'm not even saying that you should be spending "x" amount of hours at the gym every week (because hey, fat loss can happen without even going!)...I just want you to think about the lifestyle that makes you excited to live it...and then start doing it!! Just understand the consequences (positive or negative) for whatever lifestyle it is you choose.

You're Already There!

I often encounter people who feel like they shouldn't be living the life of an athlete because they're not one, or don't think they're "athlete-enough" yet. But the fact that they're not treating themselves - and their bodies - as athletes, they'll never get there, and will forever be feeling substandard compared to what they aspire to be. With that being said...think about what's realistic for you, don't set unrealistic lifestyle expectations, and be excited about what you're doing! Go ahead and start posting all of your fitness photos like the CrossFit athletes are doing, toss up a pic of your Sunday meal prep...because, guess what, you're already one of them! 

Again...some things that have been on my mind. Perhaps it'll lead to future posts of a relative nature, and I encourage participation in this process, so please comment, email me, or give me a shout at the gym! 

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