No, really. What will you gain from losing those 5 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds? Confidence? Acceptance? Courage? You don’t have to tell me the answer to that (obvi)…but take the time to think about that and tell yourself exactly what will happen, what will be different, when you drop that weight. 

Having this thought process can open up a number of paths for you. It can give you deeper purpose and drive for accomplishing this goal. It can create the realization that you don’t actually know WHY you’ve been hyper focused on this for the last 20 years. It can also open up the opportunity for you to find something larger, something more important for you to focus on for the next 20 years that’ll actually award you that underlying desire. Doesn’t that sound like an incredible alternative to harping on the superficial weight that’s been causing you to lose sleep and deprive yourself of a relaxing day at the beach?

The question is….how does one get there? 

Let’s say, for conversation’s sake, losing 15 pounds will grant you the confidence to hold your head up high, grab that gorgeous sleeveless dress you’ve been eyeing on Rent the Runway, and show up to your upcoming high school reunion knowing you’re going to turn some heads. But wait. What if your old crush isn’t even there to witness this showstopper? Was it a waste of time? What happens next? You’ve been starving yourself on this ‘diet’ for months. Time to revert to “normal” life until the next event? 

Consider this: How possible might it be to invest your time in discovering that head-turning confidence without methods of deprivation, starvation, and overexercising? Here are just a few things you can start doing to save yourself time, money, and stress!

1 - Grab a dry erase board  (or, heck….even a piece of paper) and put it on the fridge. Every morning, as you’re getting your day started, write down one thing about yourself that you find to be incredible. Anything! Maybe the fact that you’re known as the trustworthy friend everyone comes to when they need advice, or the high level of organization that you’ve created for yourself in your cabinets. Each morning, write down ONE attribute.

2 - Dance naked. Yep, I said it. And get this….try it in front of a mirror. It sounds crazy, I know. But there is nothing more primal-ly freeing than turning up your favorite Beyonce album, grabbing your hairbrush mic, and letting loose. Getting in front of the mirror may take some time…but giving yourself the opportunity to appreciate the beauty in yourself can create increased levels of confidence beyond your wildest dreams! You’ll be walking into that reunion with so much swagger, everyone will want to know your secret ;)

3 - Compliment others. Think about the hottest celebs out there. Brangelina, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Dempsey. You see them on Ellen, promoting their latest movie, as Ellen is showering them with compliments. What do they do? They toss a kind word in someone else’s direction. And how do you feel about it? You think they’re even hotter. My point? People that are quick to lift others up are rewarded with admiration, which translates to increased confidence (#swag!).

So to wrap this all up…you’ve been dying to drop these “last 10 pounds.” Just think about why it’s been weighing so heavily on you for so long. Is it worth your stress? Is it worth sacrificing going to that pool party because you’re a little self conscious? Give yourself the opportunity to boost your self-acceptance and LIVE your life! :)