"The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself." - Maya Angelou

We are our own toughest critics. But why? Yes, nobody's going to light a fire under our asses the way we will ourselves. Particularly for us Type A's...that intrinsic motivation is firing on all cylinders, but can sometimes startlingly creep into our psyche as negative self-talk. But we're supposed to be those global citizens that everyone admires, because of our relentless energy and dedication to succeeding at everything we choose to commit ourselves to....right? How's it possible that we're plagued with shadows of self doubt and unable to celebrate objectively noticeable wins? And most importantly...what can we do to minimize those odious pests? And how does all of this relate to health? <insert "hmmm" emoji>

Celebrate the B, C, D, E, F and G...

I often find myself in conversation with brilliant, talented, and insanely driven individuals. Wildly successful at work, with social circles like no other. Oftentimes, these same individuals are consumed with achieving the next milestone, rarely taking a second to breathe and reflect on the incredible accomplishments they've made throughout their journey. They crave the never-actually-attainable opportunity to go home for the holidays and share with the family that they're totally content with their lives. But the years pass, and that idyllic scenario never fortifies. Because they've failed miserably? (hint: nope!) Or because they've failed to recognize their progress and success enough to feel the level of satisfaction they're seeking. 

Too often we focus on getting from our point "A" to our point "Z." If we're not at "Z," we haven't accomplished anything. We're essentially failing. Sometimes we simply abandon our quest to achieve said "Z," because it's been "so long" and it just hasn't happened. All of this results in negative self-talk, creating a pessimistic perspective of ourselves and our performance. 

Why not create the opportunity to celebrate the major milestones you've accomplished on your way to "Z?" The greater the goal, the more opportunities you'll have to rejoice in the victories along the way. Which will actually fuel your positive motivation tank to continue dominating the remainder of the journey! #increasedlikelihoodofsuccess

Recruit an Accountabili-buddy

Having someone hold you accountable to goals you've set, to assist you in ensuring said goals are accomplished, is always a phenomenal idea. Check this out, though---Why don't you recruit your buddy to collaboratively motivate and CELEBRATE!! Sure, having your bestie/mentor/brother checking in to make sure you drafted our your meal prep schedule for the week is helpful. But cueing them in to the importance of celebration will not only help you achieve your goals, but will get them motivated to help you, and probably get crackin' on their own endeavors, too!
Try it out! Start a google sheet with your #swolemate and create an area for you guys to make your declarations. Have weekly checkins, where you kick the conversation off with pointing out what you accomplished, vs where you might've fallen short. 

Health is Wealth?

Yeah, it's cheesy as hell, I know. But it's TRUE!! Hear me out. Here's my blog-length explanation of tying this all together with a health/nutrition/wellness theme. 

Picture this: You're currently toying with drafts of your monumental 2017 resolutions. If you're like me, you've got it color coded in your Moleskin. #nerdalert  You start planning the processes to achieve these goals...finding the right supporters to help get you there, creating timelines for your expected results, yadayada. From here, the situation can unfold positively or negatively. 
In a perfect world: You achieve your goals, celebrations aplenty, and have an abundance of time remaining in 2017 to totally dominate the next steps of development. You're high on life, feeling like a total #boss, and are wonderfully grateful for all of those that assisted you in achieving said goals. 
The less-than-perfect (let's call this "real life") scenario: You totally bomb all of your goals. Maybe you don't even remember what they were after February 1 comes and goes. Maybe you lose 10 of the 20 you set out to drop after the stressful election year 2016 brought us. Aaaaaand, you've decided to just call 2017 a wash and you've got a head start on your countdown to 2018, when you can really approach the year with some solid goals. Right?!
Turning the less-than-perfect into "hell yeah, I got a lot done!": Start celebrating!! Yes! Did you lose 5 of those 20 pounds? High five!! Hit 10 pounds a couple of months later? Woot woot!! Celebrate your milestones!! Why? Because it'll create MOMENTUM to catapult you into achieving more!! Because it'll reduce stress hormone levels in your body. What does that do? Creates an environment for better, more restful sleep. Reduces the likelihood for retained belly fat. Makes you a much more pleasant individual to spend time with...which will likely create such a positive energy that you'll attract other amazing people. 

Full transparency...this blog post could've had a bit more structure to it. Maybe I'll let the ideas marinate some more and create future posts out of subtopics from this one. Regardless...we need to spend less time being so hard on ourselves for not being beyond perfect in a world full of imperfection....and spend more time celebrating our victories and encouraging others to do so as well!! 

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." ---Henry David Thoreau