Hold on to your seats, guys....and be prepared to read this and feel completely equipped to totally own this upcoming year (Trump and all - #stillwithher)

As 2016 comes to a close, the wheels are turnin’ (‘around and around and around’, as my 19 month old nephew would gleefully demonstrate for you - complete with corresponding purposeful, circular arm motions), and we’re getting amped up to accomplish #allthethings, particularly those that didn’t quiiiiiite happen in 2016. #whoopsie

I’m going to ask you to cool your jets on this, though….for your own good. Too often, we get a little overzealous with goal setting...which ultimately sets ourselves up for failure (let's avoid this, alright?). What I want you to do is take a second and think about the largest area of stress in your current life….and we’ll go from there.

Let's focus on ONE thing -  that I promise will get you moving in the most gratifying direction for 2017. We're not going to waste time writing a long list of "resolutions" that never actually get accomplished. Instead, we're going to focus on whatever's most important to you. Ready??!

Focus on Small Change

Tired of being ‘that guy’ that shows up at the gym like a #boss in January and February, but then falls off? By October…you’ve decided to just give less f*cks because the holidays are approaching, and go after it next year. How ‘bout, rather than that same routine happening yet again, you find an accountabilibuddy to ping you every now and then, reminding you of your commitment to self? 

Have you been trying to get yourself out of a toxic or unfulfilling relationship, but still feeling kinda stuck, not able to get out? Maybe set up a conversation with the other half of the relationship so you can figure out how to make some progress on your own emotional wellbeing. Starting the new year in a more positive, healthy headspace will absolutely set you up for a more successful, fulfilling year ahead.

Or….perhaps it’s work. Have you been spending way too much time convincing yourself that you need to continue despondently using that accounting degree/CPA title…when you’ve been itching to go to culinary school and explore your creative side? Start crunching those numbers to see if you can feasibly make the career change happen sooner than later! No reason to remain stuck in your lackluster, unfulfilling drag of a job! Go after it!

Regardless of what the greatest stressor in your life is….approach it with your full attention...and wholehearted intention…to start reducing that stress!! Baby steps. Find your accountabilibuddy, schedule a time to start that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding. Whatever it is…make it happen!! Now's the time to create the momentum you’re seeking to roll you into a memorable, satisfying, invigorating 2017!!