Maybe you're prepping for beach season, or you're 5 months in to your New Year's Resolution (high five for sticking with it!) to try new fitness each week, or your wedding is coming up and you gotta look good for those wedding photos. You decide to invest in a personal trainer, nutritionist, wellness coach, or any other type of support system to get you to your goals. It's not cheap, right? You likely dropped a pretty penny on these services, are hoping you can hit your goals, and hoping you made the right decision. How do you maximize your investment in yourself? Here's a few tips to make sure you're achieving your goals as efficiently as possible...

1 - Do Your Part

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Even if you're seeing your trainer (or wellness coach, life coach, physical therapist, whatever....) an hour a day, 7 days a week, it's still only 4% of your life! What does that mean? You have an additional 96% of your time to have a positive impact on what you're trying to achieve! How bad do you want this goal? If you're willing to spend a pretty penny on these outsourced services, it's probably a good idea to enhance the results of that 4% they're giving you via contributing to the cause yourself!! Ask your trainer what you can do in the time you're not together, to help achieve your goal on the proper timeline! (hint: your trainer will LOVE you for this, because it makes their job easier, and they will see just how committed YOU are). 

2 - Open Communication

Your trainer can't read your mind. They're likely programming for you based on what you communicated to them whenever you started your working relationship. Ongoing feedback and communication will not only enhance your relationship with them, but it'll get you to your goals more quickly!! If there's something about their programming that you don't quite understand, ASK! Particularly if it's some sort of outside assignment or nutritional recommendation. If you don't understand the "why's" behind what you're being asked to do, you're probably not gonna do it. None of us like doing things that don't make sense to us. But if we understand WHY we're doing something, the likelihood of it happening is much higher than if we have no idea how whatever task is going to benefit us. So....ASK! 

With that being said, give feedback! From the trainer's perspective, I know I get all kinds of warm fuzzies when I get positive feedback from a client. That inspires us! That re-energizes us, because it is a clear illustration that you're really tapped in to what you're doing...and it makes us even MORE excited to help you achieve every single goal you have! On the flip side, if you feel like your program is stale, or your trainer doesn't quite "get" what you want...the only way to recover your sunk costs is to communicate! Your trainer/coach isn't trying to keep your dreams from coming true. But maybe your goals have changed, or you're realizing their technique isn't suiting you have a serious heart-to-heart to help re-establish your relationship with them and start seeing things from the same lens. You'll likely end up pleasantly surprised, and back on board to making some fitness/wellness magic happen! 

3 - Solidify Your Support System

My bud and #swolemate Ilona taught me the term "accountabilibuddy." Maybe it's your partner. Maybe your friend from high school, or your brother that lives across the country. Whoever it ends up being, find them! It's incredibly important to have that extra go-to person (or people!) that might shoot you a "how's Whole30 treating ya?" text every now and then, that'll be judgement-free, and a positive influence in your life. Anytime we're trying to achieve something great, it ain't easy! Climbing the corporate ladder wasn't a breeze, raising your amazing children definitely wasn't a what makes you think your health and wellbeing should be second nature and pain-free?? The good stuff in life is often what we have to work hardest for. So secure those supporters to give you your high fives, provide you a shoulder to cry on, and who'll encourage you with positive words to get back up when you falter. It'll be so worth it! And bonus: you'll make THEM feel great about themselves, too!! :) 

Keep it up!! Your goals are within just gotta set yourself up to grab 'em!!