After watching an episode of Shark Tank that involved "BeeThinking," a beehive producer, I got quite curious about bees and honeycombs. I've always enjoyed honey, from peanut butter and honey sandwiches when I was a kid, to learning all about creamed honey during my time in Germany. But why didn't honeycombs ever enter my life? They're fascinating! It became my mission to track some down in DC. After hitting a few local grocers, I found the jackpot (and by jackpot I mean one package) when I came across Some honeycomb from Stockin's Apiaries, a Pennsylvania farm, at Smucker's Farms on 14th Street. I was so pumped, racing home out of excitement to experience. My findings?!?...

LIFE CHANGING. Why did I spend 31 years without this stuff?!? Such an interesting experience. The honey itself had a different texture from "normal" honey. Slightly less thick, encapsulated by soft wax in tiny geometric perfection, which I chewed for a few minutes before getting rid of it. What an art form! These bees manage to work THIS hard, so I can have a tasty treat? I mean, rumor has it that they fly 150,000 miles to make one pound of honey! WHAT?!? High five to that!!

So my next move was to research all of the benefits of this delicious (and not cheap) delight. Here's what I found:

Aids with allergies: Honey still in its comb is in it's rawest form. Because of this, all of the anti-allergen properties are at their maximum levels. What does this mean? Basically, the pollen is still a part of the honey, so when you consume it, your immune system triggers a histamine response (if you feel a little congested or sneeze...that's why!). Then, your body release antibodies, to fight the strange invader. Consume honey on a fairly regular basis, and your body gets accustomed to it, so no longer has the same sensitivity to that pollen! Meaning...less allergies for you!

Gut Benefits: Raw honey is an alkaline forming food, helping to create a healthy balance in the gut, which can aid in prevention of indigestion. It also contains bifidobacteria, which is a great probiotic. 

Nutrients: There are a ton of micronutrients in raw honey, including calcium, iron, magnesium, sulphur, copper, manganese, zinc and potassium, plus Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5 and Vitamin B6. Talk about packing a punch in such a small form! 

For Athletes: Great form of a lower glycemic carbohydrate! Hello performance enhancer! Lifting weights? Running? Honey can be beneficial to provide sustained energy and assist with glycogen restoration and workout recovery. 

My next step is to discover many ways to enjoy my new honeycomb! I read one blog that suggested topping a bowl of chili with raw honeycomb and a dollop of sour cream, which will melt slowly into the spicy meal for an sweet, aromatic touch. That might be in my near future :) Also, adding honey to hot tea or coffee will gently melt the wax, providing a smooth finish to your warm beverage. Looking forward to experiencing #alloftheways to consume this honeycomb! Go find some local stuff yourself!