Thanks to continued momentum from my pickle day and preserves day...I decided to embark upon another culinary mystery that I had yet to pursue...MUSTARD! Who doesn't love mustard? (ok, I can probably think of 5 quite easily...but that's besides the point) Mustard of all kinds is phenomenal. I remember there was an entire store, on Schwizer Straße in Frankfurt (awesome neighborhood, rent can't be cheap!) dedicated to just mustards of all kinds. So many options to create amazing condiment variations! So I thought I'd try my very first. 

1/3c mustard seeds
1/4c bourbon
1/4c water
1/4c pure maple syrup
1/4c apple cider vinegar
4 Tbsp dry mustard powder
1 tsp sea salt

Soak your mustard seeds in your bourbon and water. Give it a good 3-4 hours, or just wait overnight. When you revisit the mixture, the goal is to have very little actual liquid remaining. Put your seed mixture in the food processor and process until it's pretty smooth (I think I'll make mine just a bit more grainy next time, personally). Add in all other ingredients and mix just enough to incorporate everything. If the mixture is a bit too runny, you can put it in a saucepan and reduce it down some (just crank up the heat a bit and let some of the liquid steam off while you're stirring it). It should produce about 3/4 of a cup or so. Pretty easy! If you want to follow canning methods to keep your mustard for a while, now's your chance! Otherwise, consume, share, and enjoy!