So I enjoy discovering inspiration via what my friends and family are craving. After hounding my med school buddy Bianca for ideas...she confessed her curiosity of creating gluten free alternatives for tortillas and crackers. Since the last time I attempted a flax cracker was a tasteless disaster, I thought I'd give crackers another go, to prove to myself that one can, indeed, make a deliciously savory crunchy snack for all of your gluten-free buddies. The best part? It's actually simple.

1c whatever seeds you want to try (I used Trader Joe's "Super Seed & Ancient Grain Blend")
1/2c cold water (I can't guarantee that cold is the only type that works...but I didn't try warm)
1-2tsp fresh rosemary
1tsp dried sage
salt and freshly cracked black pepper to taste

Optional: 1 egg or egg white for an egg wash

Preheat oven to 400F. Toss your seeds/grains (flax, millet, amaranth, chia, etc) in the vitamix. If you don't have a vitamix, I'd try a food processor before a normal blender. If you want a less nutty texture, you definitely want to use a vitamix or high powered blender though. Add in rosemary, salt, pepper, and thyme and keep mixing. You should have a nice flour-like blend, with some solid aromas happening. Transfer this to a small bowl, and slowly add in your water. The 1:2 ratio seemed to work well for me, but just in case, add it slowly so you don't add too much. You just want to have a nice ball that forms, that isn't sticky. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silpat and transfer your dough to the sheet. Flatten and spread by hand (you gotta give it some love!), until it is about an even 1/8'' thick. If it isn't even, some parts will burn while other parts aren't done, so even thickness is important! Lightly score with a knife, so it'll be easier to break apart when it's done! If you want to create a little shine to your crackers, brush a light layer of egg wash over the top, then feel free to sprinkle some sea salt on top! Bake for 20 minutes, then keep a close eye on it. Depending on how thin you spread it, you'll need either a little more or a little less time. So pay attention! 

Tip: Oftentimes it's a little thinner on the outside compared to the inside. If this happens, you'll notice when you start breaking it apart. If it's still a little soft in the center, break off the outside pieces, then turn the oven down to about 200, and put your softer(er) center part back in to dry out with the low heat. 

I gotta admit...they're decent! Still not my favorite...but for my gluten free buds, they might be a solid option! Give them a shot! 




MACROS (per cracker - assuming you made 20 crackers)
Protein 2g
Fat 2g
Carb 7g